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What's Up With The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5, 2023?

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio is a time of release or letting go of something we may have been previously comfortable with but no longer need to hold so tightly.
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In ancient times eclipses were seen as very scary because they’re a time when the light of the sun or moon is blocked.  If you think back to the old days before electricity that’d be a pretty big deal.  People would freak out, “OMG a dragon swallowed the moon and we can’t see!—Hide your kids hide your wife! Dear Lord please forgive me for the time I jacked off to the married milk maiden🙏🏾”  In modern times we say eclipses are really just times of change…but what could be scarier than change? And also what is more inevitable?  So eclipses are a time where we have the opportunity to embrace change— as unwieldy as that may feel.  But astrology gives us help because it tells us the type of change we’re dealing with– which makes things less scary, more knowable.  The nature of the eclipse and where it lands in your chart tells us the nature of the change happening and what part of your life it effects.

This eclipse is a lunar eclipse happening on the south node.  In English this basically means it’s a time of release or letting go of something that's had our back for as long as it could but it's time we part ways.  Chances are something is either being revealed to us about what we need to let go of or something’s been building up in the background for a long time and we’re finally able to wrap our heads around it.

I say it’s been building up for a while because the eclipse happening on May 5 at 14º Scorpio is the third eclipse we’ve had in Scorpio since last May, 2022 so it’s very possible that the revelation happening around the days (or even weeks) of May 5 could be something that’s been brewing for a year now and you’re finally able to see it or accept it for what it is.  Or it’s like you can no longer deny the situation like, “Fuck, OK I guess we’re doing this now” or like, “Damn, I’ve been going back-and forth about this thing for a minute and I finally get what needs to happen.”

You can look at your chart and peep the house where 14º Scorpio is to get a hint for what area of life has been waiting to exhale.  And if you don’t know what time you were born just check if you have any planets around 14º Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius and what that planet represents is the part of you that will be feeling this the most.

Some baaasic possibilities about the type of release being revealed or culminating based on the houses:

1st house Scorpio: Around identity, the body or action you wanna take

2nd house Scorpio: Around your skills, money or something you once considered important

3rd house Scorpio: Around siblings, sharing your voice or something you’re learning

4th house Scorpio: Around home, ancestry or all the feels

5th house Scorpio: Around shit that’s fun to you, sex or the way you express yourself

6th house Scorpio: Around your job, health or daily work/routines

7th house Scorpio: Around relationships, trusted friends or some kinda contract

8th house Scorpio: Around some deep trauma, a loan, grief or your sense of the supernatural

9th house Scorpio: Around a long trip, some legal shit or something you’re publishing/putting out in the world

10th house Scorpio: Around your career, what people know you for or the way you want to serve others

11th house Scorpio: Around your collaborators, larger network or long term goals

12th house Scorpio: Around dreams, previously hidden old patterns or fuzzy emotions

For the astro nerds if you wanna learn more about eclipses check out Celeste Teal’s book, “Eclipses” (Update: Welp looks like it's out of print and the price is jacked up so maybe peep  Judith Hill's "Eclipses and You."  I've never read that one but am a fan of Hill's work).  Also Chani’s “The Week Ahead” podcast is pretty dope in general too.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into how this eclipse may effect you consider booking a reading with me.

May all your bowel movements be smooth ♏️